We Make:

Datacratic Web Presence

Big Data, Real Time Bidding Platform


Kanuk.ca web presence and online store

Mazda Test Drive app

Mobile eLearning application enables sales force training

Mazda Touch Kiosk

Windows 8 Surface App.

Mitsubishi Kiosk App

Interactive kiosk installation for iPad on iOS 7

About alphaboy inc.

We are games, mobile and web applications experts composed of some of the best designers, developers and media architects around. If you are looking for solid development for iPhone, iPad, Windows 8 or Android based devices, you've come to the right place. Our in-house application developers create the latest in user interface design, which we build on top of future friendly code patterns to support your application's evolution.

We specialize in Node.js, Ruby, PHP and Javascript using some of the latest frameworks; Rails, YII , Express.js & Backbone.js for all our web applications. We use native Objective-C or C++ for our iOS and Android specific projects. All this while keeping things fully RESTful and MVC based.

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